Big Mouth Downspouts

Home of the "Big Mouth" downspout!!

We all know that when we clean our gutters, more often than not the downspout opening is where the clog begins!!! Check out our no clog "BIG MOUTH" gutter outlets.

One commonly overlooked component of any seamless gutter systems is the downspout outlet. This is where the gutter makes the transition to the downspout. This small area is one of the most critical points within any gutter system and is also the most vulnerable to clogs from leaves, twigs, seeds, and other debris. In order for a gutter system to function properly the water must be able to exit the gutter via the downspout. Our patented BIG MOUTH outlets alleviate this problem at this critical point. It increases the standard gutter outlet opening from 3" to over 8" inches. This allows an amazing 500% increase in water flow. This larger opening also prevents clogs as it allows small debris to pass through the opening.

Just remember, the harder it rains the better your big mouths will work!!