Gutter Repairs FAQ's

Q: Our house has an older gutter system. The system is in need of some repairs. What should we do?

A: Call Gutter Masters and set up an appointment. An experienced employee will meet with you to see if the system can be repaired or if you would save money by installing a new system with a full warranty.

Q: Our house has the older style seamed gutters and they have several leaks at the seams. Can the seams be resealed?

A: Yes, the seams can be resealed, but it is not cost effective and Gutter Masters cannot warranty resealed seams. With an older seamed gutter system that leaks, in most cases it should be replaced with a new gutter system and a full warranty.

Q: Our gutter leaks in the corner above the front door and we have tried to caulk it several times but it still leaks. Can this be repaired?

A: Yes. Gutters Masters will replace the corner, check for proper water flow and adjust your gutter as needed. Several other aspects of the gutter system need to be checked to take care of this problem. Call Gutter Masters and set up an appointment to have that leak fixed.