Gutter Glove Leaf Protection

"The latest in gutter protection technology"

Are you tired of constantly worrying about cleaning your gutters? Are you sick of spending the weekend dragging the ladder out of you're garage to scoop out the debris and muck that has accumulated within your gutters? Gutterglove has designed a micro mesh leaf protection system that will let your gutters do their job. Gutterglove pro offers the homeowner a virtually maintenance free gutter protection system. Gutterglove pro keeps out leaves, pine needles, whirly birds, seeds, sticks, and even roof grit. Gutter masters is your home for top quality leaf protection systems and is central Illinois' only certified dealer/installer of the Gutterglove family's products.

Want to see how it works?

The design is both simple and effective. Gutterglove has a hardened aluminum honey comb body covered by a stainless steel micro mesh. This mesh is made out of 316 surgical grade stainless steel and is capable of filtering up to 200 inches of rainfall per hour. The gutter glove frame spans from the drip edge under the shingles to the lip of the gutter while the mesh filters out all debris that is carried from the roof over the gutter. Leaves, needles, and seeds simply pass over the mesh or rest on top of it until they cycle off from the wind or additional rain.

Check out this article in the September 2010 issue of consumer reports magazine...

Consumer Reports on Gutter Guards - September 2010.pdf